Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Revealed: Google's Planned Website for Chrome Browser Development Community

Wow !! I am having fun digging up details about Google Chromium, the new Web browser from Google. I found out some more interesting details about its . As we already know, Chromium will be an Open-source browser. So, Google will have to create a website for the Chrome developer community. And you know where it might be located?

My guess is that Google will create a website at www.chromium.org for the Chrome developer community. I could be wrong; but I am sure that this domain (www.chromium.org) eventually will have some information related to Google Chrome. Why? Simply because, Google is the "Registrant Organization" for this domain and it was last updated on 02-Sep-2008 02: 55: 11 UTC :)

Stay tuned for more juicy stuff on Google Chrome :)